Private Vows Before your Ceremony

Couple sharing private vows at sapphire point before their ceremony

A guide to help you decide if you should share private vows before your ceremony on your small wedding or elopement day with close family and friends

If you’ve chosen to have your elopement or small wedding with close family and friends, you can still share private vows if you would like to!

Here’s a list of reasons you may want to carve out some time to share private vows between just the two of you before your ceremony.

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Reasons to share private vows before the ceremony

There are things you want to say that you only want your partner to hear

Perhaps the biggest reason to share private vows before your small ceremony. You simply might want to keep some things private. While the guests of your small ceremony are your most cherished people, there are still some things you might want to only share with your partner. This allows you to be fully vulnerable with what you want to say to the love of your life!

Sharing private vows gets the pre-ceremony jitters out of the way

Maybe public speaking makes you super nervous. Having time to share your vows privately is a great way to say your meaningful words to one another without the pressure of a crowd. By the time you get to your small ceremony, you’ll have already said what is closest to your heart and the nerves will begin to wash away.

It’s really, really special

Sharing your vows with friends and family is really special, no doubt about it. But sharing personalized vows that are just for the two of you? Now that can be really, really special.

It keeps those ‘first look’ emotions going

If you want to share private vows, odds are you are going to do a first look. Typically, after a first look, you will be feeling flooded with emotion and excitement. It’s a truly special and private moment! You can keep those emotions going by sharing your vows with one another, just the two of you.

You simply want to!

The best part about choosing an elopement or small wedding is having the freedom to craft a day exactly the way you want it. Elopements and small weddings are all about what the two of you want, not what everyone else wants. So, if taking time in your small wedding day to share private vows appeals to you – go for it!

wiping tears during private vows before ceremony in breckenridge, colorado

What sharing private vows before your ceremony can look like

Private vows before the ceremony at Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, Colorado

Rachel and Carter had a small wedding day in Breckenridge, Colorado. They decided to go to Sapphire Point to share their vows privately with each other before their ceremony. Taking that time for just the two of them was super special. After, they joined their friends and family at The Lodge at Breckenridge for their ceremony.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Such a great guide and read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on something so important ♥️

  2. Oli says:

    Wow, this is an awesome guide Alex. Thanks so much for sharing this. Your pictures are beautiful. The featured couple looks so relaxed in your presence. Great job!

  3. Vanessa Lill says:

    This is such a sweet, romantic idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Raini Rowell says:

    Aw this is such a wonderful idea for couples who want both a private elopement ceremony and a bigger family ceremony! And looks like it was a special beautiful moment for them 🙂

  5. Kat Carney says:

    I agree that a lot of couples find this a way to make the moment more personal and intimate! Great article!

  6. Sabrina Kaye says:

    Such a good idea to share a special moment before the ceremony! And gorgeous photos!!

  7. Leah says:

    Yes! All of this! If you’re having a ceremony with guests, doing a private vow exchange beforehand is *such* a good idea.

  8. Emily says:

    I love this! It’s such a special moment between couples!

  9. Bernadeta says:

    Love the idea of doing private vows! There are some words, moments which the couple want to keep for themselves and that’s why they are so special

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