Adventure Engagement at Lake Dillon, Colorado

Dana & Michael’s Adventure Engagement Photos at Lake Dillon + Breckenridge, Colorado

Trudging through thigh deep snow, snowball fights, getting a car stuck in slushy ice, soaking in 55 degree mountain sunshine, and breathing in the chilly air at sunset- we had ourselves an all around winter mountain experience for sure!

I met up with Dana & Michael at the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado about 15 minutes before opening time. For about two weeks we had been getting incredible warm weather in the mountains, I’m talking glorious blue bird 55 degree days every day at the very beginning of March. The weather was pretty dang amazing! But, unfortunately it turned out it was too warm to safely explore the ice castles during the daytime. About 10 minutes before opening, I received a text message from the ice castles letting us know that they were pushing their opening time to 6pm due to the warm weather (and of course sunset time was right at 6pm!) Fortunately, summit county is my very favorite area so I had plenty of backup locations for us to explore! It’s always a great idea to have backups up your sleeve!

Dana & Michael were super laid back and up for anything so we went right down the street to Lake Dillon and started our adventure! We hopped out of our cars and made our way onto the frozen lake. We ran all over the lake, soaked in the warm rays of sunshine, and threw some snowballs. We even got to watch someone parasailing on his snowboard on the frozen lake- that was a first for me!

After Lake Dillon, I brought them to a few of my other favorite spots. One of which involved unexpectedly falling through thigh deep snow, which made for some hilarious moments! My cheeks were hurting by the end from laughing so hard. Normally you can walk right over the snow on that trail but since it had been so warm it became all too easy to fall through. Be sure to look for those silly bloopers below! Then we wandered to another one of my favorite spots along the shoreline of Lake Dillon. We then ended our adventure at Sapphire Point at sunset and were treated with cotton candy colored skies.

Carefree & up for anything (not to mention freaking adorable), Dana & Michael embraced every moment of their adventure engagement session and it was so much fun showing them around the summit county mountains! I can’t wait to see them again for their wedding day!

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  1. Brianna Parks says:

    This location is stunning! I love how you were able to capture their personalities. So cute!

  2. Carissa says:

    Lake Dillon is such a beautiful spot for engagement photos, and these images are amazing 🙂 I love how well you captured their personalities, and the fun they were clearly having.

  3. Nicole Alex says:

    Holy smokes what a beautiful session! I LOVE the sunset that you got! You can really feel how much fun they had in these pictures! Great job 🙂

  4. Marissa says:

    Wow! That sunset was freaking gorgeous! What a fun day. I love that you had so many back up plans!

  5. Magdalena says:

    My favourites ever were those with a sunset in the background. Really great job you did!

  6. Olivia says:

    So many sweet giggles! What an adorable adventure engagement session at Lake Dillion!!! It looked like the perfect snowy day!

  7. What a gorgeous adventure session! Lake Dillon looks like a great Colorado location too!

  8. Ryan Cronin says:

    The Ice castles are absolutely gorgeous! I have only been there in the spring time. These are absolutely gorgeous Engagement photos. Great job!

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